Kyaw Swa Moe

From Irrawaddy:
The mission is to cover the news in Burma/Myanmar and Southeast Asia accurately and impartially.
In this world full of crisis and conflict, the media plays a crucial role in highlighting controversies and scandals and exposing the truth of events occurring in conflict zones.
From its inception, The Irrawaddy has been an independent news media group, unaffiliated with any political party, organization or government. The Irrawaddy is neither an advocacy group nor an NGO campaigning for particular causes. We believe that media must be free and independent and we strive to preserve press freedom.”

Kyaw Swa Moe is the editor of the English version of Irrawaddy.
Despite his early political activism and eight-year imprisonment behind bars, Kyaw Zwa Moe never wanted to be a politician. His preference for independence drove him to become a journalist in 2001 and he has been in love with journalism since.
​He sees journalism as a tool to fix wrongs in a society. During his sixteen years with The Irrawaddy, in exile and back in his own country, the former visiting scholar at the University of California Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism has been involved in several international activities to promote media freedom in Burma.

Even one word you choose might send you to jail. So the word is very important. Whenever I write I do it very, very careful.