Jesper Højberg

International Media Support is a non-profit organisation working to support local media in countries affected by armed conflict, authoritarian rule and political transition. Across four continents, IMS helps to promote press freedom, strengthen professional journalism and ensure that media can operate in challenging circumstances.

IMS was established in 2001 in the wake of the tragic events in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia where these and other conflicts saw media being manipulated and used as a tool to fuel violent conflict.

IMS headquarters are based in Copenhagen with field offices currently in Iraq, Tunisia, Kenya/Somalia, Myanmar, Ukraine and Pakistan.

Executive director Jesper Højberg has been working with IMS since he co-founded it in 2001. He has worked 20 years in the field of journalism, media development and media reform in Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Arab World and the CIS countries.

The bastards they have a tendency to learn from the bastards. They are copying each other’s oppressive measures.