Henrik Kaufholz

Press and media freedom is under attack. And not only in authoritarian states such as Azerbaijan, and countries in transition like Macedonia, but also in countries with strong democratic constitutions like Germany, and long democratic traditions like the United Kingdom.

European Centre for Press & Media Freedom was founded by 25 organizations from all over Europe in order to stop this development. The basis for the work is the European Charter, signed by 48 editors-in-chief and leading journalists.

Chairman of the board is Henrik Kaufholz. His journalistic career started in 1967.
Today he is a reporter at the Danish daily Politiken. Co-founder of the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (FUJ), he is FUJ’s representative at Scoop for Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.
He has been a correspondent in Moscow, Bonn and Berlin, and he covered the war in the Balkans from 1991 to 1995.

When a country like Turkey turns off press freedom – there is very little we can do from outside. He doesn’t seem to care, Mr. Erdogan.