Director & producer Tom Heinemann has been working as an independent investigative journalist for more than 25 years.

Twice awarded as “Outstanding Investigative Journalist” by the association on investigative journalism in Denmark (FUJ).
Three time runner up for “Journalist of the year” in Denmark. (Cavling)
His films have been sold all over the world, and he has received numerous international awards for his work on global issues and human rights issues.

Tom Heinemann often teaches or lectures on ethics and investigative journalism at universities and at conferences all over the world.

Research: Morten Hansen

Camera: Lotte la Cour.

Film editor: Lars Hesselholdt

Music: Rishi

Post producer: Jakob Schaumburg / Edithouse

SoMe: Nicolaj Sandberg

A big thank you to the generous organisations and creative people who have supported this film: