CIJ Summer conference in London

The CIJ Summer Conference is UK’s only investigative journalism training event with an emphasis on teaching investigative skills.

We offer a mixture of talks, demos and hands-on classes which are designed to equip journalists and anyone interested in investigations with the up-to-date investigative methods and tools.
Are you a journalist, activist, student, academic or simply unsure?
Here is why you should attend #CIJSummer 2018.

Topics covered: 

  • NEW! Science journalism

  • Data journalism: Excel, SQL, R, Graph Databases, Python and more.

  •  NEW! ‘Escape room’ data game.

  •  Data visualisations

  •  Financial journalism, including offshore

  •  Access to information laws, including FoIA

  •  Covert filming

  •  Story-based inquiry method

  •  And much more!

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