Assaults on Journalists in Europe

At the Media Governance and Industries Research Lab on University of Vienna, a 2017-study reveals the poor situation for journalists in Europe:

From the Executive summary:

The period between 2000-2016 has seen a clear increase in the assaults against journalists. Our study identified over 1000 cases of assault. 2016 was the worst year for European journalism.

The majority of assaults was perpetuated by police forces through arrest and while on police action.

Of those journalists assaulted, 302 died. The majority of killings of journalists is found in Russia. The majority of assaults takes place in Turkey. The first position of killings is held by Russia – 155 deaths (press freedom status: not free), the second is Ukraine – 27 deaths (press freedom status: partly free), the third place is Turkey – 19 deaths (press freedom status: not free) and almost the same result as in Turkey can be seen in France (4th position) – 14 deaths (press freedom status: free).

Full report here